How can I effectively ask for business or a decision from the customer?

By making a clear and persuasive request, the salesperson can end the conversation on a positive note and increase the chances of making a successful sale. Here are some steps to effectively ask for the deal according to the model:
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Create a sense of urgency or importance

Before soliciting the deal, it is important to create a sense of urgency or importance around the purchase decision. This may include emphasizing the benefits of acting quickly or pointing out any limited-time offers.

For example: "Given the increasing demand for this product, it may be wise to make a decision quickly to secure your spot."

Summarize the benefits and evidence

Before asking for the deal, it is important to summarize the key benefits of the product or service and the relevant evidence that supports your offer. This helps remind the customer why they should do business with you.

For example: "As we discussed earlier, our product has been shown to increase productivity by 30% according to recent customer reviews."

Be clear and direct

When requesting the deal, it is important to be clear and direct with your request. Use a strong and confident voice and avoid being vague or hesitant.

For example: "I am convinced that our product is right for you. Can I book your order today?"

Deal with any objections

If the customer has any objections or concerns, it is important to deal with them convincingly before requesting the deal. Use the objection-handling techniques you've learned from the model to convince the customer of the benefits of making the decision.

For example: "I understand your concern about the price, but when you consider the savings and results our product can bring you in the long term, I think you will see the value in it."

Close with an action plan

After you've asked for the deal, it's important to end the conversation with a clear action plan that outlines next steps. This may mean booking an order, scheduling a demo or submitting additional information.

 For example: "Great! I will prepare your contract and send it to you for your signature. Can I book your order with the same?"