Out Reach Sales

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Explanation of the example decision-making process

Outreach sales has a much longer decision process, as previously mentioned, it can for example be during a telephone sales call or during a marketed advertisement on social media. Even if the product benefits the customer, that information must first reach the customer. How do you manage to do that in a world full of noise and sharp competitors?
Well, initially you have to start by standing out. You really have to do everything you can to not be like everyone else and to even get the chance to present your product and thereby finally be able to ask about a deal.

You need to be enthusiastic both about your product but also about the customer's well-being. You need to show that you care more than anyone else in order to stand out and capture that customer's attention in the initial phase. Then, throughout the decision-making process, you must maintain that feeling with the customer at the same time as you now begin the presentation of your logical case. In order for your case to be logical in the end, your communication must be straight and clear so that you can easily get the decisive information, only then can the customer finally be given the opportunity to make a good and well-founded decision.

You must be prepared that the customer who has not yet been convinced is always closer to a no than a yes even if a positive decision lies and oscillates in either the emotional or the information-based scales.
This means that at first the customer may not be as enthusiastic as you and you must NEVER let this affect your own enthusiasm for the product because then you lose your case. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you educate and prove to the customer that your product is the better option in a very structured and controlled manner. This without the customer being forced to make a premature decision