Reference facts that can be proven?

Referring to provable facts is an important strategy because it helps shift the focus from emotion to logic during the sales process. By using objective facts and evidence, the seller can create a more rational and persuasive argument to support his offer and increase the customer's confidence in the product or service. Here are three reasons why this is important, along with examples:
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Builds trust and credibility: By referring to facts and evidence that can be verified, the seller shows that they are trustworthy and that their claims are based on real data and results. This helps to increase the customer's trust in the seller and their offer. Example:
      "Our product has received an independent certification confirming its quality and safety."
      "An independent study shows that our company has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry."

Overcomes emotional objections: Sometimes customers may have emotional objections to a purchase decision, but by providing objective facts and evidence, the salesperson can counter these objections and rationally convince the cu stomer of the benefits of the product or service. Example:
       "I understand that you are concerned about the cost, but according to our analysis, our offer will generate significant savings for your company in the long term."
        "I understand that you are skeptical of new technologies, but here is a report that shows how our product has improved the efficiency and productivity of similar companies."

Strengthens the decision-making process: By providing objective facts and evidence, the salesperson can facilitate the customer's decision-making process and make it easier for them to make an informed decision. This reduces the risk of buyer's remorse and increases the likelihood that the deal will close. Example:
      "According to the latest market analysis, the demand for this product is expected to increase by 20% next year, which can give you a competitive advantage in the market."
      "Our company has won several industry awards for innovation and customer service, confirming our position as a leading player in the industry."

By using objective facts and evidence to support their offer, the seller can create a more persuasive and credible argument based on logic instead of emotion. This helps increase the chances of a successful sale in theory.