Show that you are listening

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 Active listening

Give the customer your full attention by being present and focused during the conversation. Use body language and verbal affirmations, such as nodding or repeating the customer's words, to show that you are engaged with what they are saying and that you understand their message.

Ask open-ended questions 

Ask open-ended questions to encourage the customer to share more information about their needs, wants, and concerns. By showing interest in their opinions and experiences, you can create a deeper understanding of their situation and increase their trust in you as a seller.

Mirroring and Reframing

Repeat or paraphrase the customer's thoughts and feelings to show that you have listened and understood their perspective. By reflecting the customer's words and feelings, you show empathy and create a stronger relationship with them.

 Ask for confirmation

To ensure you have correctly understood the customer's needs, ask for confirmation and feedback on your interpretation of their situation. This shows that you are willing to take their opinions seriously and that you are open to adapting to their needs.

Summarize and Summarize

Conclude the conversation by summarizing and summarizing the customer's main points and concerns. This shows that you have listened carefully and that you are committed to helping them find a solution to their problem.