What is Sales

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Sales is fundamentally about helping other people and companies make good decisions. A good decision is always dependent on a good product or service.

What is very important to understand is that the sales process looks different depending on the product you are selling, but the structure of a sale is always the same.

What may vary is the potential customer's competence regarding your product and they may therefore need different amounts of convincing as to whether a purchase of the product/service is actually a good decision or not. In my opinion, therefore, sales begins with the development of the product and the prospecting of the potential target group.

After my long experience in business development as a sales consultant and sales manager at several successful mobile operators in Sweden, I have become even more confident about the question along the way.

Mobile subscription which is a relatively simple product where the variation between the different operators' functionality and the products' pricing is very small. Therefore, one never ceases to be surprised at how big the differences are in relation to sales figures and the individual performance over time between different sellers.

Some sellers are simply better at capturing interest and convincing the customer that their product is actually the better option, even if the differences between the products are often relatively small.
It is very rare to come across a customer who has actually already thought about switching mobile operators when making cold calls and that is precisely why the differences in the salesperson's skills are so decisive in the end.

If we assume that all participants in the program actually work with a good product and actively work with some type of sales, then this is exactly the right place for you to get your inspiration and knowledge from. All sales processes and all outreach communication actually work in exactly the same way.

There is a start to the communication and there is a goal with the communication. What differs is how much convincing is required in the decision-making process to enable a decision.